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Here are some examples

tech the halls

Tech the Halls with

Find tech talent on who write and share articles about the latest innovations. 

Top 3 Chrome Extensions

Don't just settle on an extension's top feature. Dig in and get the most out of the tools you use with these tips from Sam Perera.

Bookmarklets Explained

Glenn Gutmacher explains all things bookmarklets. What they are, and how to create and use them in your workflow.

Sourcing Alchemy (Filetype:command)

Shally Steckerl adds a little sourcing wizardry with instructions how to use filetype: command in your resume search. 

Make a list (and check it twice)

Jackye Clayton digs into how to use conference attendee lists to source top industry-specific sales people. 

Candidate Diversity and Inclusion

Steven Rothberg discusses college recruiting, and Alumni search methods that can help increase diversity in your results.

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