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Here are some examples

Tech Sourcing Live on Instagram

Brian Fink sources LIVE on Instagram from a bar. See how he identifies, connects with, and closes on developers.

Power Boolean Searches for Tech Talent

Boolean is not dead. These 7 power searches have stood the test of time, but few recruiters know about them.

Spot Fake Talent Technical Candidates

Fake resumes and fake candidates in tech are a thing – like, a REAL THING. Spot them fast with little margin of error.

"Bomb" Bomb Candidates: Video Emails

Watch how Michael Crouse “bombs” his candidates, gaining him top response rates for hard-to-fill technical openings.

Exploit Database Searching

Ronnie Bratcher does it again, sharing his tricks to identify top technical talent that you are not finding today.

Crafting a Story to Attract Top Talent

Amy Miller shares how to craft a winning story to attract top technical talent in the majors, like Microsoft and Google.

Inbound and Recruitment Marketing

Learn how to develop your content to attract, nurture, and convert top talent from your competition. Here’s an insider’s look at funnel marketing.

Productivity, Filters, and Hacks

Alan Fluhrer walks us through his best productivity hacks for LinkedIn and how he identifies hard-to-find hidden technical profiles.

Nom de Internet

Understand how to identify any candidates “Nom de Internet” (i.e. their online alias) from Jeff Newman of Walmart eCommerce.

Candidate Engagement: The Connective Tissue

Learn how to work with candidates through engagement, stories, and recruitment marketing to close on your top prospects.

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